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Caregiver Tips

Posted on January 28, 2019 at 9:40 AM

1. Be well informed always ask a professional questions, and remember to take a notebook and pen to appointments.

2.Keep Positive remember each day will be different do your best.

3.Practice self care make sure to schedule alone time, Schedule medical appointments to maintain your health if your 

   sick you won't be able to help a love one.

4. Stay connected join support groups it can help manage stress, and allow you to communicate with someone who understands your concerns.

5.Use Respite care not just for vacations, use it for a few hours, few days to get a break to rest, recharge. Caring Companions offers Respite care.

6.Seek and Accept help ask friends, neighbors, community resources, to help manage your love ones care. Caring Companions        offers Free  Assessment. We can help with Bathing, Dressing, Personal Care, Meals, and more Call Today.     




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